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What is a Chromebook?

Simply put, a Chromebook is a laptop that runs Google's Chrome OS operating system. 

Chromebooks are typically small, inexpensive, and easy to use. They are gaining more and more popularity at home, school, and work. Most things you can do on your Windows computer can be done on a Chromebook. Email, social networking, web browsing, photo editing, movie streaming, video calling, document and spreadsheet creation, and more: Chromebooks can do it. Google's Chrome Web Store has tens of thousands of apps that can be installed and run on a Chromebook. Even a growing number of Android apps can be installed!

What are the benefits of a Chromebook?

1. Chromebooks are easy to use.
There is no learning curve with Chromebooks. If you know how to use a web browser, you already know how to use a Chromebook. That's because Chromebooks run Chrome OS, a new kind of operating system based on the Chrome web browser.

Chromebooks are simple to set up.  When you turn on your new Chromebook for the first time, simply connect to your wireless network, then log in with a Google or Gmail account (or create one with easy step-by-step instructions). That's it! All your Chrome apps and settings are there as soon as you log in. Your email is already configured. All your Chrome favorites from other computers are there, too.

Touchpad gestures make it easy to get around the Chromebook. Tap with one finger to click, tap with two fingers to right-click. Swipe with two fingers to scroll. It's easy and saves time! See our Tips and Tricks page for more details.

The Chromebook's keyboard makes common tasks quick and easy. There are keys to quickly search Google, go forward and backwards through web pages, refresh a web page, change volume or screen brightness, and more.
See our Tips and Tricks page for more details.

2. Chromebooks are worry free.
Unlike traditional laptops or PC's, Chromebooks don't require any antivirus or antimalware software. Antivirus is built-in. In addition, Chromebooks update themselves automatically behind the scenes. No more Windows updates that harass you to reboot the computer. Chromebooks don't slow down over time like other laptops. In fact, they get faster with frequent updates that make Chrome OS more efficient and optimized.

3. Chromebooks are fast.
Chromebooks power on and let you get to work in seconds. And because there is no bloated operating system taking up valuable system resources, everything runs much faster than traditional PC's. 

4. Chromebooks cost less.
Chromebooks cost a fraction of the price of traditional laptops. Because Chrome OS is so efficient, it doesn't need high end hardware to deliver an excellent user experience. And since they are designed to store your data in the cloud, Chromebooks don't need much storage. Plus, the Chrome Web Store has apps that will do just about anything you need from a laptop, for free! No more purchasing expensive software. All of this adds up to a laptop that will satisfy the needs of most users at a price that everyone can afford.

5. Your stuff goes with you.
All your Chrome settings, Google Drive documents, apps, themes, and extensions are stored in the cloud. That means when you log into any Chrome OS device (or the Chrome browser on Windows or OSX), the experience is the same. If you add an app on your Chromebook, it is instantly available when you log into any other Chromebook. You can edit a document from your work computer using Windows and Chrome, then pick right up with the same document at home on your Chromebook. With Google Drive, all your changes are automatically saved so you don't have to worry about losing anything.

6. Chromebooks last all day.
Most current Chromebooks use power-efficient processors and batteries that allow you to work or play all day on a single charge. Some Chromebooks last more than 13 hours on a single charge! No more frantic attempts to find a power outlet and connect the power cord.

7. Chromebooks are portable.
Chromebooks are smaller and lighter than other laptops in their price range. Many weigh less than three pounds. This makes Chromebooks perfect for people who want to take their computer back and forth from school or work. Going on a vacation? Chromebooks can easily fit in your carry-on bag or purse.